Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Photography- Abstraction

My photo students looked at the work of Aaron Siskind, Alfred Stieglitz, and Paul Strand and explore creating non-representational images for a unit on abstraction. These are some of my favorites!
by Massimo

by Alexa


by Olivia

by Kevin

by Kevin

by Jasper

by Jasper

by Jake

by Fiona

by John

by Grace

by Nia

by Gracelen

by Andrew

by Sarah

by Sarah

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Gouache Paintings inspired by Vintage Travel Posters

In Honors Art 3 we looked at vintage travel posters for inspiration for our first project of the semester. Students brainstormed ideas of places they have visited or want to visit and came up with imagery that represented it. They played around with different compositions and ideas for illustrative styles (graphic, painterly) and colors schemes and then set out to work creating their own pieces.
 It was so fun seeing the wide range of approaches and places they depicted!

by Allie

by Allison

by Anika

by Cate

by Clara

by Grace

by Jillian

by Lauren

by Michelle

by Renee
They were so fun! I loved this project, it was so fun to start off the year with this.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Robert Longo Inspired Gesture Drawings

I always like to start off my AP/Art 4 Class with gesture drawing, and this year we decided to try something new. Inspired by Robert Longo's series "Men in Cities" series done in 1979-81 we set up  our photo session outside on a beautiful day. Longo used to throw things at his models to get their reactive gestures, we decided to so the same with beach balls, nerf balls and pool noodles.
From Robert Longo's "Men in Cities" series, 1980

We photographed some pretty amazing gestures!

Group Picture!
We made the drawings big! They look amazing in the hallway right now.
Yana's Drawing of Kyla

Shae's drawing in progress- the texture and details are amazing!

Natalie's self-Portrait

Marjorie is working on a portrait of Lindsay

Beautiful gesture here, by Marlee

Kyla's Self-Portrait

Lindsay's Self-Portrait

Gabi's drawing of Saman- in progress.

Crystal's Self-Portrait!
I love how they all hang together in the hall!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Cardboard Sculptures in Art 1

Well hello!
 I meant to post this in June amidst all the craziness of the end of the school year, and here we are in August where I'm getting ready to start it all up again.

I wanted to show examples from my final project in Art 1. We ended the class with a sculpture unit and after most of the year working in two dimensions, this was a challenging and exciting change.

Students created 3 dimensional objects using card board and hot glue. Some decided to paint them, others left them plain. We explored the many ways that cardboard can be used to build up a structure and create texture. I made a sculpture chicken out of cardboard as an example which I took photos of along every step of its creation so they could see me using an armature and building the structure around it by scoring the cardboard, using notches and creating a feathered texture with the inner, corrugated section of the cardboard.

I asked students to create a representational sculpture using cardboard that was viewable from all sides. I was so excited to see how many different ideas and projects they came up with!

Here's my chicken

Sid made this beautiful castle

Alexa went for this cool tree- the texture of the bark was  so effective!

Gabriella made a bouquet of flowers

Isabel made this happy breakfast plate

Noelle's ice skate

After much consideration and lots of cardboard, Molly decided to make a giant meatball!

Valerie's hot dog was pretty amazing!!

Jess made this camera

Steaming mug of tea by Victoria

George's football

Jane went with a pumpkin!

Sweet turtle by Julia

Jacob's ice cream cone

Sophia's elephant

Lucas made this airplane

Isabella went with a jellyfish

Rylan went for something really challenging- she wanted to recreate a photo of her dog wrapped in a blanket- it's so cool!