Monday, May 1, 2017

Elements and Principles of Art Photo Assignment

My photo students recently finishes an assignment where they tried capturing all of the different elements and principles of Art. It was really fun seeing what they came up with. Here are just a few.
Aarushi- Line

Amanda K.- Space/Perspective

Amanda M.- Movement

Annie- Value

Eva- Emphasis

Ian- Emphasis

Ellery- Movement

Siddharth- Color

Olivia- Color

Amanda M.- Proportion

Lilly- Movement

Marlee- Texture

Lindsey- Movement

Solvai- Unity

Peter- Texture

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Self-Portrait with a Relative

My Honors Art 4 and AP students worked on one of my favorite projects lately- a diptych that is composed of a self-portrait and a portrait of a relative. The self-portrait's are inspired by the pose, gesture and lighting of the image of the relative that is chosen as inspiration. It is always really fun to see what images people are drawn to recreating. Some people stuck to taking recent photos of their parents and others used older pictures of their family member when they were roughly the same age as the student. Students picked a medium they wanted to explore more.  I love seeing all the stylistic differences.  Enjoy, these are always really fun to look at!

Anna and her Dad 

Mia and her Mom

Clara and her sister

Emma and her mom as a high schooler!
Patrick and his Mom

Lisa and her mom both used Snap Chat filters for their photos!

Marina recreated the dramatic lighting in this portrait of her Grandmother as a young woman
Veja and her mom- twins!!!

Kelsey and her Mom at the same age- also twins! Love the complimentary color choices here
Shae recreated this picture of her Uncle with his dog with her dog!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Work Selected for Youth Art Month Show in Boston

My students are participating in a state wide exhibit at the Transportation center in Boston to celebrate Youth Art Month this month. The show is called "United Through Art"

Students in grades K through 12 from across Massachusetts have been selected to have their artwork displayed at the State Transportation Building in Boston. This exhibit, sponsored by the Massachusetts Art Education Association, is part of Youth Art Month (YAM), a national celebration held each year during March that emphasizes the value of art education for all children, and encourages support for quality art programs in schools. 

Across Massachusetts there are numerous celebrations and exhibits happening in schools, in districts, and regionally.  The Boston exhibit, United Through Art, is the only statewide YAM Exhibit in Massachusetts, and features student work from over ninety communities. 

The show will be on display and open to the public weekdays 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. from February 13 through March 31.

The following students are representing my classes at  Wayland High School in this year’s YAM Exhibit at the State Transportation Building.

The artists with work on display are:

Clare Lippincott (12th Grade), Marlee Griffin (11th Grade), Yana Lipnesh (9th Grade), Gabrielle Smith (11th Grade), Shaelee

Comettant (11th Grade), Emilija Iannace (12th Grade).  Their pieces are below!
I'm proud of their great work!

Clare's self-portrait from Advanced Drawing

Mia's beautiful Conte crayon drawing done for AP Studio Art

Gabi's awesome drawing representing a still life assignment in Advanced  Drawing

Marlee's excellent contour drawing done in Drawing

She's lovely scratchboard Chicken done in Honors Art 4

Yana's great charcoal drawing representing Art 1!

Friday, December 23, 2016

My Drawing Class finished up a fun illustration assignment inspired by the book "The Z is Zapped" by Chris Van Allsburg. I have two sections of this class and a few kids in Advanced Drawing also ..but collectively they decided they wanted to illustrate the entire alphabet. I was so happy with the results!

The A was Asleep by Gabi

The B was at the ballet by Yana

The C was crystallized by Marlee

The D was Dangerous by John

The D was defenestrated by Clare

The E was Erased by Amanda

The F was Flying by Grace

The G was Glazed by Andrew

The H was Hardcore by Saman

The I was an Icicle by Isabel

The J was Jousting by John

The K was Kicking by Kaitlyn

The K was Killed by Jack

The L was Levitating by Ava

The M was Made by Matt

The M was Mauled by Jonathan

The N was in the Nursery by Maddie

The O was with an Ostrich by Josh

The P was Psychedelic by Dianna

The Q was Quietly Quacked at by Alex

The R was Running by Rami

The S was Scribbling by Mary

The T was Time-Traveling by Alexa

The U was Unmasked by Valentine

The V was Volatile by Ryan

The V was Vandalizing by Anna

The W was Wrenched by Duncan

The X was Xeroxed by Martin

The Y was Yucky by Isabel

The Z was Zipped by Hallie